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About Aphrodisiac.Tips & The Herbalist

My Background in and love of Herbs plus Aromatherapy have obviously been contributing factors in my formulations as well as having an over-actively creative mind . I live as a Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Alchemist in training, Urban Shaman, Teacher,Writer who loves to create and help other beings to heal.

I seek to empower people to facilitate their own healing via healthy eating , lifestyle and awareness of themselves and their bodies as well as through Herbal courses. These vehicles that we travel in need maintenance and care , we only get one to play with each life time and until we have mastered the art of complete regeneration of our physical bodies , we need to take good care of them. I see my role as a facilitator who has knowledge which I share and experince in healing which I can draw on. Find out more about Dipaunka Macrides.